Thursday, February 07, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Brian Wood, Wrestling Monsters and Professor Layton

Friday, February 8
Get out to one of the hippest comic shops in town and check out some original art, drink some beer and wine, and get your books drawn all over by Brian Wood, Davide Gianfelice, and Riccardo Burchielli.

Monster battles and Nintendo parties after the jump...

Saturday, February 9
Live giant monster fights? For realz? If the ticket price sounds kinda steep to you, check out some Kaiju battles on YouTube. Now add in some "experimental, highly unorthodox" black boxes that house mysterious weapons and you're looking at a unique experience, not to be missed!

Sunday, February 10
The event promises cool prizes, so at the very least show up and school some little kids for a free copy of the game that you can sell for a profit. Jeez, that was cynical. This game actually looks pretty cool, and is a big hit in Japan. Where they like this cute crap. Cynical again, sorry. Seriously, the game is such a big deal that Masakazu Kubo is planning a live action movie based on it. He's the guy that produced the Pokemon movies. ::clears throat::
UPDATE: Turns out one of the prizes will be that sexy new Cobalt Blue DS, so if you don't currently own the greatest gaming system alive you should really give this a shot.

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