Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: I Have Powers...Political Powers!

Monday, February 4
As part of their Science Fiction Films at Seward Program, our librarian friends will be screening half-hour film versions of "Quest" and "All Summer In A Day". I have to admit to never having read Quest, but it appears to share a endless-night theme with All Summer In A Day, which I think is on most grade-schoolers reading lists. And it should be read by all kids everywhere to make them conscious of how truly horrible and cruel they and their peers really are. Self knowledge is the only path to self improvement, after all. I hate kids.

Political powers and George Romero in person, after the jump...

Tuesday, February 5
C'mon, you love voting on Wii Votes. This is just like that, there might even be a computer voting terminal. Make sure you know your polling site by hitting the title link, and have at it.

Wednesday, February 6
So of COURSE this is sold out, but the website says some stand-by tickets may be available on the day of the event. So get to the theater like, that morning, ask the ticket people, and you may have a chance to see the man himself talk about his latest work of zombie carnage. This one is satire of both internet addict and film students, which is weird because I don't recall Romero ever calling me up and asking for my life story, but there it is. Tickets are $18 bucks.

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