Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brushing Up On The Classics: The Flying Butt Smash

In last week's issue of Countdown To Mystery, aka The One Good Countdown Book, artist Stephen Jorge Segovia had a little too much fun drawing Huntress.

Typical to many of the superhero comics I read every week, this little tableau throws sex and violence together in a blender and hits "puree", but that's not what caught my attention. I knew I had seen that movie before. But where?


Those who had this game at their local arcade know it is pretty much the best four-player game for the preteen set ever invented, and although Marge was not my character of choice (that'd be El Barto...Let's go for it, man!), her questionable flying attack is forever ingrained in my mind. So can we agree Huntress totally copped her style? This calls for a side by side comparison:


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GambleGambel said...

that game was great!

Howler said...

Street Fighter Alpha 3 character Rainbow Mika has a veeery similar move.

Anonymous said...

peach in super smash has that move