Friday, March 21, 2008

DC Is Thinking With Portals

This is the sort of thing we usually save for Panel Discussion, but when a certain game is involved I have little self control. This week I picked up Shadowpact #23 on a whim, obviously having acquired a sixth sense that directs to me to all Portal-related content...

While I am happy to believe this is small tribute by writer Matt Sturges to a game he has presumably played and enjoyed, I think we all know that's not how Portals work. Are we supposed to presume the demon is going to fall down into hell where he belongs? That's not a portal. That's just a hole. Unless Nightshade shot the Orange portal into a cage in hell, I'm not sure what is being acomplished here.

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Rot Lop Fan said...

Well, actually, she accomplished quite a bit. The way that Nightshade's powers have been shown to work, she doesn't actually seem to create a direct portal to her intended destination.

She creates a portal into her home dimension, the "Land of Nightshades", and then creates a secondary portal to her goal. And it has been suggested that anyone without her abilities will have a damned hard time getting out.

So she essentially just trapped that little imp in the Land of Nightshades.