Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Geekanerd Remembers: Gary Gygax

Ever wish you could combine your love of Lord of the Rings with your passion for statistics? Well Gary Gygax did. The father of the modern role-playing game (yes, that's what RPG stands for stupid) died yesterday morning in his Wisconsin home at age 69.

In 1974, Gary co-created Dungeons & Dragons with Dave Arneson, and changed Nerd history. It's hard to truly quantify the impact D&D had on the geek world, and the world at large. But from it's very inception, D&D was always the badge of true geekdom. Though the norms might not know what it is... they know if you play it, you're a geek. But far beyond being the ultimate nerd/not-nerd litmus test, it's the Batman to Lord of the Rings' Superman; redefining the fantasy genre.

It spawned thousands of D&D books and games and accessories, a crappy 80's cartoon, an even crappier movie in 2000 - oh, and inspired every RPG game you've ever played ever. Hero's Quest, Final Fantasy, Warcraft... none of them would exist if Gary Gygax hadn't first rolled his 20 sided die.

As the resident D&D nerd here at geekanerd, I have to say Gary's death is a tragedy indeed. I spent my whole middle and high school career in my parents basement, downing Doritos and coke, rolling dice, and quoting this. So thank you Gary, for a life of true geekdom and the perfect escape from our boring, dragonless world. I leave you with this great interview with the man himself.

Gary Gygax: July 27, 1938 - March 4, 2008
May he forever roll 20s


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