Monday, March 31, 2008

More Wiimbledon 2008 Details Emerge

Those of you who truly think you can BRING IT in Wii Tennis, the game of games, the true test of virtual prowess: take note. The Wiimbledon guys shocked the world (of New York gamers) when they announced they'd be taking the show on the road this year, traveling cross country in a Wiinebago and bringing the tourney to San Francisco. Lest ye be weeping due to fears you'll be left out as a Yorker, hear ye:

There will be a New York tourney at Barcade on Saturday, June 7. The winner will get a pair of roundtrip plane tickets to San Fran to compete in the big event on June 21. No word yet on what 2nd Place will get. I'm looking forward to that announcement, because that shit will be mine.

Check out our past Wiimbledon coverage, and stay tuned here for all the Wiimbledon info you can handle, or join their mailing list at their website.

UPDATE: Wiimbledon 2008 has happened! Check out our writeup, video and photos here!


AHR said...

Albo, no matter how many second place prizes you win for playing Wii Tennis, me and the rest of the Gnerd staff will NEVER FORGIVE YOU for not winning us a Lexis ISF.

Albo said...


Bishop said...

Oh man June 7th is my birthday that would have been totally sweet to sign up...if I didn't have to go to a wedding. Damn you wedded bliss, DAMN YOU!!!

Jamie said...

yeah, i'm with AHR... i still can't look at you without feeling a surge of bitter resentment well up... sorry dude, it's how i roll.

Degan said...

oops, that was supposed to be me... but i'm sure jamie feels the same way.