Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons Of Our Youth Get Animetized

If you like to search for cartoons on YouTube, you are familiar with the mind-numbing inanity of AMVs, or Anime Music Videos. AMVs cater to people who enjoy watching cartoons recut to gothy pop songs, or those who get off on pretending their favorite characters are lip-syncing to novelty pop songs. I am no stranger to blinding fandom and the strange things it makes a person devote their time to, but I draw the line at editing cartoons that have already been edited.

Sadly, as this blog continually introduces me to new lows in my threshold for geeky crap, I have to admit the above video (the Best Comedy winner in the 2008 Boston AMV Awards) is really fun. It features a collection of clips by a guy named (sigh) Ranmafan477 who edits an AMV series called The Anime Network, which syncs anime clips with, among other things, Saturday Morning Cartoons intros from the 1990s. And we all know how awesome those are.

The above video was shot at the convention itself, and though the video quality is weak (but watchable), hearing the audience reaction is a blast. Hit the jump for a menu of where the best stuff is.

00:00 - This Chip and Dale parody is boring unless you love Gunsmith Cats.
00:30 - Hilarious, I don't want to give anything away.
00:54 - Darkwing Duck - these Disney Afternoon ones just don't do it for me. Audience loves it.
01:18 - Bit that will only be funny if you have at least a passing familiarty with Inuyasha, which I'm afraid I do. Audience goes nuts.
01:41 - Power Rangers parody that seems redundant.
01:44 - Amazing Death Note/Beetlejuice mashup.

Then there's a bunch of clips from movies and TV synced with anime, which I personally find less engaging, till we get to...

- A very well-edited take on one of my favorite modern Nicktoons, The Fairly Oddparents.

What was shown in Boston appears to be a "Best Of" reel, but if you want more all six episodes of The Anime Network can be seen on Ranmafan447's YouTube page. Episode Six has a nice high quality version of the Beetlejuice/Death note thing.

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