Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Star Wars Gets Disneyfied has some exclusive pictures of a new line of action figures from Disney that features the bastard offspring of Star Wars characters coupling with Disney characters (including Muppets!) There's no scale here, but I get the impression that these guys are really tiny. Either that or they're just poorly made, and I'd hate to think that. It seems they'll only be available at Disney Theme Parks, so if you want some prepare that trip or get ready to fork out some big eBay bucks.

Some of my favorites after the jump!

Via /Film.


Lena said...

Oh my god, I love these! I want one.

Degan said...

That's crazy! We were just at Disneyland on Saturday and these suckers greeted us upon our arrival from the forest moon of Endor aboard Star Tours. They're only a tad bigger than those other Disney plastic figures that you can buy all over the parks. I didn't know they were brand new... i should have picked you guys up a couple. My bad.

Albo said...

Way to not be my friend anymore, Degan. Hope you enjoy life out in the cold. Alone.

Albo said...