Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NYCC 08 Cosplay Roundup

As we wrap up our Comic Con coverage, let's take a look at some of our favorite cosplayers...
This Golden Age Green Lantern was extremely well put together. Although... *ahem* Alan Scott wore the ring on his left middle finger.

There's a bunch more enthusiastic dressers after the jump!

Batman sneaks up on his rogue's gallery while I distract them with a camera.

The Black Cat. Prrr.

This Chewie had an awesome voice box that gave him a very authentic Chewie grumble.

Team Fortress 2's Medic is looking for someone to heal. He struck this pose without even thinking twice about it, the body language is straight out of the game. TF2 was a really popular cosplay choice this year, probably cause it gives folks a chance to make big cardboard and PVC versions of the weapons.

Aura Sing is just happy to be here. Remember how big a deal she was before Episode I? She was supposed to be the new Boba Fett....but the prequels destroyed all that they touched, and she's been mostly forgotten, though apparently not by this lady.

An unlikely couple, but I guess Superman has plenty of time on his hands now that he's drinking Red Bull. Click to get the high res pic so you can check out his killer blue contacts.

An excellent Static Shock, looking like a life-sized action figure with flying disc included.

The Monarch and the butter-voiced Dr. Girlfriend. At the Venture Brothers panel, these two asked Doc Hammer to be their minister at their upcoming wedding. He said he'd seriously consider it. A match made in nerd heaven, obviously.

Mario and Luigi in the house, plumbing gear at the ready.

These Spider-Men were getting along famously, posing for photos together and chatting up a storm.

This guy nails the Hugh Jackman eyebrows, and his claws were impressive to say the least.

This is one deadly lady. Francine Castle?

Anyone know who the lady with V is?

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