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NYCC 08 Day 2 Notes: New Details on Incredible Hulk (Tony Stark!), Dark Knight, The Spirit and More

A bulleted list of all the Day 2 goodness:

New Dark Knight Trailer

  • It goes down like this: Standard shots of Gotham rooftops, then we come across a perched Batman. He jumps down. The Joker's voice: "Where do we begin?" There's a scene of him organizing a table of Gotham crooks, very reminiscent of The Hood's meetings in New Avengers. Crooks: "What do you propose?" Joker: "Kill the Batman." Oh, we've never thought of that! "Here's my card," he closes, holding up a (wait for it) Joker playing card. There are some shots of Maggie Gyllenhaal 'breaking up' with Bruce Wayne and going with Harvey Dent. She tells Bruce "I can't be your only connection to a normal life." Dent asks Alfred if Wayne is the kind of ex-boyfriend he needs to look out for (I forget the exact wording) and Alfred gives the old superhero movie standby "You have no idea." The Joker then crashes a fancy gala in a scene that reminded me of Nicholson's museum crash from Batman but without the Prince. He singles out Gyllenhaal (probably because she's Dent's girl now). Then there's a bunch of explosions and fighting, and a quick shot of Dent screaming "Don't!" or "No!" or something as he's laying with half his face in (or close to) some menacing liquid. From another scene, he says to Bruce "You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain." Well well.
UPDATE: Thanks to the commenters (Snoo, VRICH10, ultimatefan and others) at Superhero Hype for straightening me out on a couple of points. Memory and a notepad are imperfect beasts!

Lots of details about
The Incredible Hulk (including Tony Stark's cameo!), The Spirit and more after the jump!

The Incredible Hulk
  • Lots of juicy bits about this movie. The first clip they showed us was Bruce Banner being hunted down by the government. They have him locked in an above-ground glass walkway, but when they gas him he transforms into the Hulk and smashes out. They chase him around with gunner vehicles that always seem to be jumping (blame the floaty Halo warthog), which he demolishes. Finally Emil Blonky (played by Tim Roth) has a one on one man-to-monster showdown with him. Blonksy isn't the Abombination yet, but he has been treated with some of the Super Soldier serum (which is colored Captain America blue!) so he fares pretty well, flipping around and shooting Hulk with a grenade launcher and a handgun. At the end of the scene they are just standing there eying each other, Blonsky says "Is that all you've got?" and after a pause Hulk gives him a giant foot to the chest. Applause erupts.
  • When asked about an Avengers movie, producer Kevin Feige said "It depends on how this film and Iron Man do. I'd like to see it happen."
  • On his character in the film, Tim Roth said: "Blonksy is a combat man, not a desk man. He loves it. But his body is aging. Then he sees the Hulk and sees another option."
  • Someone asked about the Ed Norton trouble and the question was deflected by Gale Anne Hurd: "If he wasn't happy he wouldn't be out there supporting the film." Meanwhile Kevin Feige leans in and whispers to director Louis Leterrier "Is this ok?" to which Leterrier responds "It's ok." Clearly there's more than a little truth to the rumors.
  • Leterrier claims that originally Hulk and Abombination didn't talk, but that so many people on the message boards wanted to hear things like "Puny humans" and "Hulk smash" that they changed the CGI and made them talk.
  • Lou Ferigno came out and confirmed he has a part in the film. They wouldn't confirm what.
  • They showed us the full trailer, which seemed to spell out the whole movie: It begins with Banner in hiding in a foreign country (South American?) trying to find a cure for his condition. General Ross (William Hurt) finds him: "He stole military secrets. Take him." There are a whole bunch of shots of him running around whatever country he's in, then a random one of him in Antarctica or something which I'm wagering is the last shot of him in the movie. Like Frankenstein's monster floating away on an ice floe, Banner goes to the pole to be alone. Back to the trailer, it becomes a lot of Hulk smashing tanks and helicopters and whatnots. Then Blonsky gets Ross to agree to turn him into a beast that can face off with Hulk. And when Blonksy becomes a monster and starts trashing New York City Norton heroically exclaims "There's only one thing that can stop him, and it's inside me!" Cue fight.
  • After the trailer they showed us Tony Stark's long-rumored appearance in the film. If I were to place it I would imagine it was at the very end of the film. General Ross is drinking in a bar, looking extremely depressed and defeated. Stark rolls in and says "Ah, the smell of stale beer and defeat. I hear you have an unusual problem." Ross: "You should talk." Stark: "You should listen." UPDATE: Clips from this scene have surfaced in a new TV spot for the movie!
The Spirit
  • Frank Miller was actually dressed as The Spirit without the mask. Black suit, bright red tie, black fedora. Seeing him in front of his poster with the same look was almost comical.
  • When asked by MTV's Kurt Loeder how he blended his signature aesthetic with that of Will Eisner, Miller joked "I threw out everything he did." But as you've probably seen in the teaser (seen at the end of this article), he wasn't really joking. He claims "I knew Eisner well. And I know that if I raised a rusty monument to his work Will would rise from the grave and strangle me. We used the most advanced technical methods available to translate his vision into a very modern movie. It will be a bit of a shock to purists, but you will see Eisner's touch throughout. Look out for a particular manhole cover."
  • Miller spoke about how hard it was to find a good unknown male actor for the part, quipping "Hollywood produces many great actors. But very few men."
  • Responding to Kurt Loeder's poorly phrased question about if she felt like she was "just a hot babe" in the movie, Eva Mendes replied "Hell no. I'm a kick ass jewel thief who's been married fourteen times and killed all of her husbands. Does that sound like 'just a hot chick' to you? I'll kill you right now, Kurt!"
  • Speaking of Eva Mendes, her and Miller were very touchy-feely kissy-kissy throughout the panel.
  • Miller got serious to note that "We were able to do something that was not homogenized because Will insisted on owning his work. The Spirit has adult motivations that separate him from your usual superhero stuff."
And the trailer:

Assorted notes:
  • Wondering how long they're gonna keep up this baby thing in Cable? Duane Swierczynski stated that as the series goes on, the girl will grow--and specifically mentioned stories with her as a four year-old down the road.
  • Orson Scott Card on Iron Man, the character he writes for the Ultimate Universe: "My first impression of the character was that Iron Man is the stupidest hero I've ever seen. He has three full time jobs. He's an inventor, the CEO of a huge company, and he still finds time to put on a suit and go save individual people. It seemed very silly to me."
  • Orson Scott Card announced he is writing an Ender's Game comic that will come out in Fall 2008.
  • LucasArts finally answered one of my burning questions about the new game The Force Unleashed: If you are Vader's secret apprentice, why do all the trailers show you killing stormtroopers and blowing up Imperial ships? The answer is that you are so secret of an apprentice that Vader doesn't even want the Emperor to know about you, and that means no witnesses. I don't buy that Vader would be hiding anything from the Emperor between Episodes III and IV, but AHR has a pretty good argument for it. Ask her about it sometime.

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