Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Shrimp Glove Face Plant: MC Chris Pays Tribute To The Ghost With The Most

With the start of April comes many burnt blogosphere offerings, but the gem of the day was a nerdlicious new song from MC Chris. He'd been advertising an exclusive preview track from his upcoming album, though given the April 1st release date it seemed unlikely he'd be putting up anything legit. He ended up unleashing a song that won't be on the album, or presumably any other album since the backing track consists almost entirely of samples from the greatest Danny Elfman theme of all time...

UPDATE: Aw man, it got taken off YouTube! Oh well. You can still get it off Chris's MySpace, see the link below.

Awesome. It's available to download for free on mc chris's myspace. Annotated lyrics after the jump....

The following lyrics were posted by MC himself on the MC Chris forums and YouTube. Most of the references should make sense to anyone who counts themselves as a fan of the film, but I added a few annotations for some of the more obscure lines.

im deathly pale bad breath bad teeth
hate the sand and the sun never see me at the beach
i'll stick with goth chicks transfixed on death
that wear black britches i insist on nice breasts

i sleep in a grave lived through the black plague
actually that's all my fault but dont wiki that k?
green hair downstairs boogers farts and phlegm
that's my stock in trade see me startin trends

black and white striped suit or a blood red tux
got jack on my hat in japan it's a must (1)
i can change shapes do pranks and disguises
bioexorcist im the best in a cirisis

parents wanted me to clean up like my brother (2)
boss used to say i didnt work well with others
now im independent and my methods are effective
say my name three times if you want to get connected

beetlejuice beetlejuice one two three
i like a little lady name lydia deetz
her demeanor is depressed i confess that's sweet
dont try to deny she's my bride to be

hey kmart shoppers there's a sale on my services
im here to help there's no need for your nervousness
i'll eat what u wanna eat swallow what u say (3)
relieve you of your living that are ruining your day

have you read the handbook for the recently deceased
it's too thick like my dick when i think of little deetz
she's the key to my release from this model existence
coffin lining's confining and i want out this instant

me and the dragster of doom we're the baddest of dudes (4)
we hit the inferno room where the ladies get nude
but we're eternally screwed so i become a bridegroom
and get lovely lydia to lip synch an i do

i must move the maitlands out of my way
give'm zipperlips pitch a plate on their face
say hello to hammer hands say goodbye to goulet
and then off to fla where my review drew raves (5)

shrimp glove face plant
we like cassettes not 8 track
clown face much like
the one you'll see in dark knight
being dead kinda sucks
the afterlife's no fun to us
im the name that people trust
the juice that comes from beetleguts

(1) Kay, we're starting off slow because I actually don't really know what the hell he's talking about here. Possibly refers to the Beetlejuice stage show in Universal Studios Japan?

(2) Reference to Beetlejuice's Parents an episode of the Saturday Morning Cartoon show in which it's revealed that BJ's parents are conservative squares.

(3) Refers Beetlejuice's advertising jingle for his bioexorcism service; "I'll eat anything you want me to eat, I'll swallow anything you want me to swallow, come on down I'll....chew on a dog!" Perhaps the film's finest moment.

(4) Another reference to the cartoon, the Dragster of Doom (or Doomie) was Beetlejuice's sidekick from the second season on.

(5) Beetlejuice's Rockin' Graveyard Revue used to be a live show at Universal Studios Florida, but it's gone now, along with the amazing Back to the Future Ride. Kids today have to settle for some seriously tame bullshit based on The Mummy and Twister.


Fuzzy Duck said...

Awesome. I'm a big Elfman and Burton and mc chris fan, so this is a great combination.

Saruh said...

black and white striped suit or a blood red tux
got jack on my hat in japan it's a must (1)
i can change shapes do pranks and disguises
bioexorcist im the best in a cirisis

at a point in the movie I forget which scene, but I believe it's the part when Lydia summons him to stop Otho from hurting Barbara & Adam he has a Jack Skellington embroidered on his hat (the part when he turns into a carnival game). As for the Japan thing I will most def. keep my ears out for that :]

Jack said...

The Japan thing is most likely a reference to the "lolita goth" style carried out by certain subcultures.