Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"That Was A Hell Of A Thing!" - Galaxy Quest Comes to Comics

Everyone knows that nerds like Star Wars and Star Trek. But you can really tell when you're dealing with a geeky individual of true good humor and taste by how strongly they react when you mention Galaxy Quest, the unbelievably wonderful sci-fi comedy classic. I used to work in a video store where we'd watch this about twice a week on the store monitors. Galaxy Quest and Bring It On. That was a great job.

Galaxy Quest ended with the doors wide open for a sequel, but stupid Dreamworks never made one. Why?! The movie made money and Tim and Sigourney Weaver both said they'd do another one, but ours is not to question the will of movie execs, just to complain about their decisions. Luckily, like the throngs of Buffy fans, we GQ cultists may now be able to half-satisfy our fandom with a new comic book that picks up where the movie left off. You can read the full press release over at Comic Book Resources, but the bullet points are:

  • The book will be a five-part series called "Galaxy Quest: Global Warming".
  • It's from IDW Publishing, the folks who publish Angel and a lot of Niles/Templesmith stuff, as well as Gnerd favorites Locke and Key and Zombies vs Robots.
  • It's written by Scott Lobdell,who's been writing X-Men books for Marvel since the early 90s, so we can assume he knows a thing or two about genre conventions and is ready to get to satirizing.
  • The artist is Ilias Kyriazis, and you can peruse his Deviant Art page to get a flavor of his work. He's also got a comic of his own on Zuda called "Melody", though presumably he will now be devoting 100% of every waking hour to making sure he's capturing the dry sardonic humor of Alan Rickman's facial expressions.
Are we excited yet? Let's all enjoy a classic scene after the jump.


Steve said...

Galaxy Quest is fantastic. I get a little teary each time I watch that one part. You know which part.

Lena said...

OMG, I LOVE Galaxy Quest!!!!!! Best sci-fi spoof/action movie ever.

AHR said...

I reliably cry at about five separate points in that movie, but the worst (or best) is when Alexander gives the vengeance oath to his little alien fanboy/surrogate son. Teeeaaars.