Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Comic Signings, Text Messaging and Drunken Game Shows

Monday, April 14
The hottest writer in comics is joined by other big names for this quickie signing. A scheduling conflict came up last minute that keeps this event restricted to one hour, so get there early or you'll be crying all the way home with your un-scribbled upon comic books.

Text messages, drunken game shows and dolls for boys after the jump...

Tuesday, April 15
Unprotected Text is a comedy performance troupe that collects text messages and then acts them out. Sounds like regular improv but without the yelping audience, right? Well maybe so, but they also have loftier goals, such as "conducting a video study of what role text messaging plays in participants lives." You want loftier? Something with more loft? Ok, how about "We want to explore the use and relations with have to technology that is already intergrated into our daily live." Throw about four [sic]s in there and you'll understand. If you're still unconvinced you can check out their YouTube channel, but I'm willing to bet it'll be more entertaining live so don't get discouraged.

Wednesday, April 16
This boozy Jeopardy-style game show is a significant upgrade to the standard bar trivia night. Buzzers, multimedia, all that jazz. The winners of each round get free shots; the finalist wins money; and the losers win a bottle of Budweiser and a special prize. Expect a sprinkle of raunch. Must be 21 or older, so stay away my young friends.

Thursday, April 17
It's back to JHU for another signing tonight. Don't know who Captain Action is? Well, he's "the original super-hero action figure," created by the same guy that created G.I. Joe. You would buy the "default" figure and then clothe him in sold-separately outfits that would turn him into Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and a slew of other heroes. He proved popular enough to get a comic book from DC, but they disappointingly dropped the "I can be anyone" gimmick and instead gave him some magical coins that granted him generic powers. Some big names worked on the five issue series, including Wally Wood, Jim Shooter and Gil Kane. Well anyway, Fabian Nicieza is resurrecting the franchise and he'll be on hand with the artist Mark Sporacio to sign issue #0.

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