Saturday, May 24, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4's Cutscenes Are Feature-Length Films

If you're a fan of cutscenes, get ready to have the limits of your enjoyment tested. Because Metal Gear Solid 4, the biggest game since Grand Theft Auto IV, is going to have multiple cutscenes that run 90 MINUTES LONG. That's right, I hope you have loads of free time, because walking around that next corner in game might just trigger a FEATURE-LENGTH MOVIE. Now generally I'm a fan of cutscenes, but I'm also a fan of being able to squeeze my gaming time into short sessions--I almost never play single player games for more than an hour at a time. Not knowing when I might stumble upon the next mammoth cutscene is already stressing me out. Thank God I don't have a PS3.

There's another big problem I see here... Cutscenes just aren't that good. I know I said I was a fan, and I am, but that's because it's easy to swallow bad acting and extreme cheese in two to (gasp!) ten minute bursts. But having to sit through (they are skippable, but c'mon) an entire feature-length movie of bad dialogue, stilted acting and meaningless plot exposition? MORE THAN ONCE IN THE COURSE OF ONE GAME? I've already watched Episodes I-III, thank you very much.

Via CVG.


Degan said...

Wow... i'm a fan of cut scenes and this still sounds nightmarish... what a terrible idea

waufreak89 said...

I just beat the game yesterday and I must say that the talk about length of the cutscenes has been largely overblown. Sure some of the scenes are quite lengthy but I don't believe any of them come close to reach the 90 minute mark. And regardless all of the scenes are masterfully done and contain references to the previous games. Combine that with the fact the cutscenes can be paused or skipped and it's easy to see that the the cutscenes really don't hinder the game at all.

Albo said...

You beat it yesterday!? Man, that was quick.