Thursday, May 01, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Free Comic Book Day Edition - All Free, All Awesome

Friday, May 2
Do you make documentary films? 99% of the people I know do, and I myself am the errant one percent. Well, whether you make docs, like docs, or simply want to eat free barbecue and get maxed out on Rockstar at the open bar, this open-to-the-public indie film schmoozefest is the place to be. The question you have to ask yourself is this; is your fear of networking greater than your desire for free food and booze? Did I mention the open bar also includes beer and vodka? Shit!

Free Comic Book Day and a crazy clip show, after the jump...

Saturday, May 3
Happy Free Comic Book Day! It's the comic geek's only national holiday. Highlights include free offerings from Hellboy, All Star Superman, Tiny Titans, Maintenance, and my personal favorite, OWLY! Go ahead, laugh. That book's cuteness transcends all barriers, even cynicism.

Sunday, May 4
The internet has cut every living person's attention span in half, so perhaps the future of social entertainment (ie something that doesn't take place in front of your computer screen) is the Clip Party. Four solid hours of rare, culty, and otherwise captivating video clips, including old timey commercials, music videos from the likes of Joy Division, Desmond Dekker and Little Richard, and a sure-to-be-hilarious PSA titled "I Can't Believe It..." about sexually transmitted diseases. The future is curatorial. Come see what's on display.

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