Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spore Creatures That Look Like Stuff

So I was all excited to download the free Spore Creature Creator, until I was coldly informed by the installer that my Powerbook isn't up to scratch. I'm humiliated. All I can do is longingly cruise the Sporepedia, looking for Spores That Look Like Stuff. Geeky stuff, mostly, like the Trogspore above. That looks really good.

Spore Trek, Spore Wars, and of course Pokespore, after the jump...


This Mon Calamari is right on, but the nudity upsets me. I don't want to see Admiral Ackbar naked. As a 18th Century Dandy, yes. Naked, that's too far.

This X-Wing is from Fark's Spore thread, though I couldn't find it on the Sporepedia. There were lots of imitators, if you search "x-wing", nothing quite as good as this.

Great looking TIE fighter, elegant in it's simplicity.

Shockingly accurate Watto.

Painful looking AT-ST, giving new meaning to the term "Chicken Walker".

And now, my two favorite characters from the Prequels...

General Grievous, with particularly good attention to coloring.

This could be Selbulba's ILM character model.


All of the original three starter Pokemon are really popular. There are tons of them, here are the most accurate ones.
My main man Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur. Never mind, he's nobody's main man. In retrospect, I got this wrong because every other entry for Bulbasaur is just painful to look at.

A sickly Blastoise.Some sort of horrible bird Pikachu...I'll be seeing that in my nightmares, thank you internet.

I'm a Team Rocket fan 4 life, so I had to look for Koffing. What I found Just wow. So close, and yet so far.


Most of these are via Kotaku and MTV Multiplayer...

An XBox 360 controller! Pretty terrifying. What are those joysticks supposed to be? Suckers? Nipples? Crazy.

Our old friend Purple Tentacle back from the LucasArts adventure gaming dead.
Mario Mario of the Mario Brothers. This looks like some crazy junkie muppet.Boo! Literally. Not really as cute as the real character, but good nonetheless.

A bomb, possibly a bob-omb.

Wierd old Mr. Saturn, quite well captured.

Goomba! This is deeply upsetting to me. They went way too far in making him look like a real mushroom, with that gross fungal texturing on the underside of his head.
Pretty great Yoshi.
Wobbly legged Mega Man.

An amazingly accurate Master Chief.

Pretty good Sonic, albeit with webbed hands.


Now ZOIDBERG is the spore! In full mating season glory. There are lots of other Futurama creatures on the Sporepedia, including many many Nibblers. I couldn't find one that actually looked like him though, if someone wants to make one.

There were quite a few hulks, but this was my fave.

This is the best Batman so far. Humanoids are apparently hard to get right. Why the bare pecks, I wonder? Even better than this design is creator insertinear's species description: "THE BATMAN SPECIES HE IS THE DARKEST OF KNIGHTS WHO SOLVE DETECTIVE MYSTERIES."

The earth with a little mouth and eyes and one foot. Thaaats good.
Now we're talkin! The USS Enterprise. I don't even want to try to figure out how this is a organism. The Flying Spaghetti Monster. This is the best one I saw, but there are some really shockingly bad ones in the Sporepedia.

Here's a car. Little over complicated, but pretty neat nonetheless.
WHERE MY PEEPS AT. This is great. Even the texture is right.

A scary candy cane.

A plane - found this one on the Fark thread too.
Cool motorcycle.

Albert Einstein's head. This is like something you'd see on the ground in Dante's inferno. I think we've had enough.


Degan said...

you missed one of my favorites... a recreation of the truly ancient and terrible beast from Penny Arcade-the Deep Crow

for reference, please see either


Anonymous said...

That's obviously venesaur, jerk.

AHR said...

Anon - you're right. I was about to be like, "ACTUALLY IT'S IVYSAUR, NERD." But the flower is in fact open. You win, go listen to your copy of 2B A Master.

Anonymous said...

Here's a pretty geeky one: some kid made a Portal Turret.

AHR said...

Nice catch with the Turret spore. I do like Turrets. I added it to our insane Portal round-up.

cap said...

totally irrelevant really but it's spelled 'bob-omb'

i'll nerd my way out now

AHR said...

Cap - thanks, corrected. I'm losing all my geek cred in this comment thread, it's like a nightmare. What is this irrelevant of which you speak?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

probably NSFW, if your boss knows the reference. The goatse spore:

neilyo said...

you totally forgot pedobear wtf

4ntisocial said...

Bowser is superior.

Trey said...

These are great. I love the Einstein.

Anonymous said...

it IS Bob-omb not Bomb-omb :p

insertinear said...

HEY! Im insertinear, thats my Batman and Terrifying mario! There's a video for Mario up on youtube if anybody wants to see him in action. Batman looks kinda goofy walking as most humanoids do, but his cape has a pretty neat flow to it.

Josh said...

I wonder if when Spore is released in full, will we see creatures being made in the vehicle editor?

Anonymous said...

they're AWESOME. I love playing with the CC and seeing everyone else's stuff!

Anonymous said...

Sporekemon is wayyy better than pokespore.

Ama said...

the enterprise is way cool... and there was even an episode with spores but I should mention they were not creature creators =P

AHR said...

I went with Pokespore because I thought Sporekemon wouldn't as obvious an indicator of what they looked like. Probably not a warranted concern.

topofall said...

You didn't choose my 'Incredibulk'!! AHHHH!

Degan said...

I'm behind you on the pokespore.... sporekemon sounds too much like "spork"emon... are these spore critters or fork-spoon hybrids? Speaking of which, spore people: let's get on the spork spore bus-i want to see preliminary designs on my desk first thing in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I wanna see someone make the Skeleton Harvester from Buttersafe. :D

Mrs.Vashgx said...

Wow. Those are pretty neat. I didn't even know things like that existed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw Mr Peanut. Hes not to bad

StormTrooper said...

Awesome! I'm the guy that made the Tie Fighter and the Enterprise! My name is Metiphis on Sporepedia! I can't believe Stumbleupon led me right to this haha.

Akolyte01 said...

You totally missed any of the really good ones. Search for Starcraft Marine and Zealot. There's this one guy who makes ones that look EXACTLY like them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

its not that hard to make a human-thing, actually. all u have to do is find a good blob then straighten out the spine by clicking and dragging the back-bones

Jack said...

hey, Trogdor!!!

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