Friday, June 13, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Adventures of the Space, Consumer, and Steampunk Varieties

Friday, June 13
There are few films in existence that deserve to be seen on a big screen as much as Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. Tonight may be the best chance you'll ever have to see it in all its 35mm glory. Now when is some brave theater going to screen it in its original 70mm?

Steampunk adventures and consumer heaven after the jump!

Saturday, June 14
  • Digital Downtown
  • FREE!, 11am-4pm @ World Financial Center, Winter Garden, Manhattan
Don't bring your wallet, 'cause "nothing's for sale" here. It's just a chance to get your grubby paws all over a bunch of sweet electronic gear from the likes of Pioneer (they're pimping some sort of 360 degree entertainment immersion dome), Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, etc. Avoid the tidal wave of Blu-Ray players and head for Best Buy 's booth, where they'll be showcasing a mind-reading device (no joke!), a gesture-based video game controller and something that sounds like the computer from Minority Report.

Sunday, June 15
First of all, it's Father's Day, so call your dad. What's that? Your Dad is in London and he doesn't have a phone or any other way for you to contact him? Well you're lucky that they aren't closing the Telectroscope until Monday, because the steampunk pipeline connecting New York to London is the perfect way for you to interact with Daddy on his special day. Confused? Well, the link above will probably answer your questions.


Mok said...

the aforementioned 'brave' theater last to show 2001 in glorious 70mm was the much loved and now lost "Astor Plaza" on 44th and Broadway back in...2001. The last week of 2001, leading over into 2002. The Astor's been converted into the Nokia Theater, thus losing another fantastic screen and room in which to see a movie.

AHR said...

That is sad. I walk by the Nokia Theater almost every day, that big LCD screen is ugly even for Times Square. Thanks for the bit of NY screen history.