Friday, June 27, 2008

Weekanerd NYC: Japanese Art, Hippie Art and Cheap Art

Friday, June 27
Is Satoshia Kon the second greatest Japanese animator working today? Zip over to the West Side to watch the visual orgasm that is Paprika and then hear the filmmaker (accompanied by onscreen clips from his works) describe his own genius.

Burning Man East and CHEEP COMIX after the jump!

Saturday, June 28
There's so much crazy stuff going down at this festival I can't even begin to figure it all out. Singing, dancing, limbo, fake governers, silkscreening stations (BYOT), circus sideshows and a whole bunch more. People liken it to an East Coast Burning Man, without the nudity and probably less drugs. But don't let that dissuade you.

Sunday, June 29
Jim Hanley's crazy back issue sale has come around again! Each day it goes on another 10% gets knocked off the top. Monday it's up to 80% of course, but it'll be a madhouse and the selection will be quite picked over. I went last year and got a HUGE box of comics for $20 that I still haven't finished reading. If you read comics you can't miss this!


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