Friday, July 18, 2008

Watchmen Movie Trailer Dissected, Compared to Comic Panels

Doing all the panel comparisons for those Watchmen set photos way back was so much fun that I couldn't resist picking apart the trailer and doing the same.

Click on the film frames for HIGH RES, and beware spoilers if you've never read the book.

NEW TRAILER UPDATE: See comparisons for the NEW trailer here.

Notice the giant Dr. Manhattan calves in the background there. I was thinking when I watched the trailer that this 'Nam stuff looks a little weird, but it really just looks like the comic. So I won't complain!

Tons more after the jump!

Dr. Manhattan's transformation is well covered in the trailer:
The details are all there, right down to concrete block 15 and the coat Osterman went to retrieve. Osterman asks what happened to the other 14 blocks...

Over time, Osterman reconstitutes himself.

And then BOOM! again, he appears in the mess hall.

Night Owl and The Comedian look down on an unruly crowd. The visible signs: "Bring Back Our Police," "Badges Not Masks," "Give Us Our Police Back." Also of course check out the "Who Watches the Watchmen" graffiti in the top frame. Who knows why that guy BLOWS UP the store everybody is standing right in front of, though.

Rorschach roughs up Moloch. Moloch seems well cast, if a little young (like everyone else in the movie).

Veidt disposes of an assassin. I think it's admirable that Snyder has kept some of the unorthodox color choices of the book. Putting a guy in a purple suit (unless it's The Joker) is a risky proposition on film. I will say, though, I still wish there was more color in these images we are seeing. The book is so saturated, it's a dark book at times but it achieves that through the storytelling, almost in spite of the bright illustrations.

The snow here places this frame up outside at Veidt's arctic retreat, but there isn't a moment where Night Owl screams like this in the book. Perhaps Night Owl witnesses Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach's final exchange?

Dammit, what an idiot Zack Snyder is. Doesn't he know Dr. Manhattan only blows shit up with his left hand?! This movie sux!

This is the only moment I could figure out this belongs to... Even though Dr. Manhattan isn't wearing his unitard and Laurie doesn't appear to be twenty years younger in this flashback (because, uh, that would make actress Malin Akerman TEN YEARS OLD). But there is a little sparkly action in the background of the comic panel, so I'm thinking this is it. Also notice that they've given Akerman a little face mole in just the right place!

You're sitting there like, "What, those aren't the same frame!" Click on the film frame of The Comedian fighting in his apartment and look closely behind him. There on the wall is a sexy pic of Sally Jupiter similar to the one she has on her own wall! Looks like she's not the only one still carrying the torch.

UPDATE: Artist James Jean has given us a better look at that piece of art, a "Vargas-esque" portrait he was commissioned to do for the film. Note that the one on Sally's wall is signed by the artist himself, "Varga."
Jean also has some early sketches of the piece at his website.

Flame on! Notice Rorschach is using Veidt hairspray for his attack.

This frame looks like it's from the scene where Laurie gets mad at Dr. Manhattan for splitting into multiple beings and getting work done while they are making love.

The Comedian is murdered. If you click the film frame and look at the high res you can just make out what appears to be the smiley face button on The Comedian's robe.

The Comedian's funeral. Something that I find interesting is that the book is told primarily in these tall 1/9th page panels, and the movie is trying to stick very closely to the compositions but must adapt them for widescreen. It's neat to see how that affects things.

Veidt's triumphant moment. Not much on TV in the movie...

Laurie and Dan fight fire. Seeing the fire victims likening Laurie's costume to a nightgown made me realize--The Silk Spectre wears silk! Duh! The movie version is more like The Leather Phantasm or something.

Night Owl on the prowl.

Walking into the prison riot to free Rorschach.

This is the shot from the trailer that really put the goosebumps in me. This is why this movie couldn't have been made ten years ago.

BONUS! For being such a good reader, I'm giving you comparisons for these great production photos that were in Entertainment Weekly...
More prison riot ass-kicking on the way to get Rorschach.

The moment The Comedian is attacked by and then murders the Vietnamese woman he impregnated and abandoned. It's a great scene, Dr. Manhattan admonishes him for doing it but then the Comedian points out he could have stopped him by just vaporizing the bullet or any number of other ways. He has discovered Dr. Manhattan doesn't actually care much for human life.

The Comedian contemplates sexual assault in a flashback. I'm not sure how Snyder managed to make Carla Gugino look homely, but... There it is. Notice they've given her the face mole as well.


Great White Snark said...

Wickedly well-done. Thanks for putting in the good amount of time it must have taken to do this.

Now I see why the Watchmen fanboys must have been wetting themselves at the sight of all of these iconic shots in the trailer.

(Yeah, I haven't read Watchmen yet. I'm totally a poser.)

Bryan said...

this is an outrage. i'm boycotting this movie until snyder puts in dr. manhattan's naughty bits.

OR, this looks like a damn good movie from a damn good book. i can only imagine the pressure to get so many of these details spot on, and it looks like they're doing a pretty good job of it.

Degan said...

I'm still truly pissed about the age of the cast... the book is about over the hill superheroes! how dare they cast twenty-somethings! Ozymandias looks absolutely ridiculous! And Yes! I want to see Dr. Manhattan's naughty bits too!

Other than that... crazy excited! Great breakdown! Also, i think its Rorschach who's throwing the molotov cocktail into the store with the protesters... its hard to say for certain-but he's dressed the same, and if you go frame by frame-you can't see any facial features and his skin tone looks kinda slimy like the mask does in other shots... not sure, but that's my guess.

jim treacher said...

I actually think the movie-Comedian's flamethrower smile is creepier than the comic's. In the comic, he's over-the-top maniacal. In the trailer, it's like he thinks he's sharing a witty little joke with the fella he's roasting alive. [shudder]

pkolson10 said...

you can just say DICK, its ok

Ishizusv said...

Great comparison, you just made a mistake... you compared two different kiss scenes between Dr. Manhattan and Laurie. You took the flashback kiss from the comic and the goodbye kiss from the movie

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