Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Does Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Hate Women?

It may seem silly to critique an ad campaign for violent imagery when said ads appear in comic books, which even in mainstream DC and Marvel tend to feature wall-to-wall disembowelment.

But come on. What is this, The Tween Girl Snuff Variety Hour?

I know that this girl is a robot. I know she is looking meaningfully at the viewer and showing no pain. But magazine and comic ads are all about the first impression, and the first impression these ads are presenting is abused, mauled up pretty girl. I'm just saying. Like we don't already get enough S&M porn in comics.


Degan said...

I think the more important question is "why does Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles hate THIS woman?" What'd she ever do to them?

Anonymous said...

I think this is just paranoid, as a woman I don't think this is an anti-woman thing at all.

And it is very misleading of you to refer to a 27 year old as a tween.

Toni Roman said...

The show hates women and Cameron Connor in particular. Half the posters out there have her naked, arms cut off, guts hanging out, and actress Summer Glau herself objected to the image. ("Can't you use a picture of Lena Headey instead?" was her response to the producers' sick suggestion)

If you doubt that this is anti-woman, then watch your local news and ask yourself: "Where do the sickos get their inspiration to chop up women?"

Every man must have at least a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, female neighbor, daughter, niece, etc.

Summer Glau is 27. She plays a tween.