Monday, January 12, 2009

Geekanerd Spotter: Animation on the Subway

Okay, so this might qualify as a "spotter", since I've been riding past this thing on the way to work for the past three months. BUT; it's so freaking cool I wanted you all to share in it's glory.

This zoetrope-like art installation was created in the 1970s by filmmaker Bill Brand. It was recently restored to it's full psycadelic glory, after decades of being obscured by grafiti and bad lighting. New York nerds can see it for themselves on the uptown bond B or Q trains, after DeKalb station in Brooklyn.

If comic nerds find this idea a little familiar, it may be because Brian K. Vaughn featured it it Ex Machina; remember? A girl looks out of the window, sees the neat animation, then flips out and dies? This certainly came to MY mind when I noticed the animation for the first time. Was I temporarily afraid for my life? I was.

You can read a recent New York Times article about the piece, if you want more background on the artist.

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