Thursday, February 05, 2009

D-Pad Hero: Retconned Video Game History!

Some ingenious nerds have gone and created D-Pad Hero, the "original" Guitar Hero! An NES Rom game that brilliantly imagines what a guitar hero game would actually look like on the NES (I particularly love the audience members). Almost more brilliant than that, the above video sneakily combines 3 of the most popular internet memes; That Daft Punk Song, Guitar Hero, and 8-bit recreations of things we love; creating some sort of concentrated, weaponized viral video in the process.

Unfortunately, the game only has 4 songs so far; which you can check out at their website. Now, as a comic book geek, one of the most interesting elements of this Rom game, is the concept of retconning real world history. We're used to retconned comic book history-I mean, it wouldn't make sense for superman to have fought during WWII and continue to work today as a 30 something reporter... sure, he's an alien, anything goes. But that would put Lois in her early hundreds... She's pretty hot for a 103 year old. Though unintentional, it's fun to think of Guitar Hero as a poweful enough milestone in video game evolution that people feel the need to back date it and write it into Videogame's ancestry. Either way, fun to think about, fun to watch... and probably very hard to play...

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