Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Item! Mimobot Ad Copy Spreads Inaccuracies About Boba Fett!

Please take a look at this Boba Fett Mimobot ad I received today and see if you can tell what's worked me into a fit of nerd rage.

Can you believe that?  I mean, who fact checks this stuff?  Did the copy editor call in sick?  

MANDALORIA?  *snort*  Where's that?  Somewhere in made-up fantasy land? I seriously doubt Boba Fett is headed back to Mandaloria.  Because Mandaloria is not a place that exists.  How can he be going to a place that doesn't exist?  He can't.  It's impossible.

Maybe he's on his way to MANDALORE, his adopted home planet and base of operations.  That sounds like a more likely scenario to me, in all honesty.


PS:  If you'd like to own that promotionally incorrect yet still undeniably attractive flash drive (the helmet comes off and you can see his face!), head over to the online Mimobot Store.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing they were refering to the Mandalorians, whom Boba and Jango were both part of. Totally named it wrong though, I think its suppose to be Mandalore. Someone has to do some firing!

Anonymous said...

Didn't look at the rest of the post my bad! : p

Anonymous said...

Is Mandaloria next to Narnia?

MIMODan said...

Yeah, I wrote that... and I deserve your wrath. Believe me, my inner geek is writhing and kicking the bejeezus out of my inner, uh... well, whatever 'inner' bit blew it completely. Sigh. That's what happens when a nerd gets cocky with his fandom knowledge.

Lame excuse, but I've always just seen Fett referred to as "Mandalorian", so... my brain made the planet "Mandaloria." Hell, Han's Corellian, and the planet is Corellia, so maybe it's a little bit of an excuse :)

In the meantime, I throw myself on the mercy of the court of Star Wars fandom. I shall accept my punishment of watching all of Jar Jar's scenes twice tonight.


T Scott said...