Monday, February 09, 2009

New York Comic Con: Is Joss Whedon the New Merchant/Ivory? Also, Sunday Photos!

On Sunday at Comic Con, I so desperately wanted to see the Dollhouse preview screening, but missed it due to a prior commitment. But with a little help from my press pass, I made it inside for the following Q&A, and even got to ask The Man Himself a question. Here is a clip of his answer from Cinema Blend (they cut out my stuttering faux-professional questioning, THANK GOD).

To summarize, I asked what genre he most like to work in next, and his response was a "frilly costume drama" in either the Elizabethan era or the end of the 19th century. He noted the similarities between Costume Drama and Sci-Fi, because they exist in strange, unfamiliar worlds. "Also, heh, pretty dresses."

In other news, yes on Doctor Horrible sequel (who knows when), no on Serenity 2, no on a Dollhouse comic, and kind of on a Dollhouse Musical (Eliza sings in ep 3, but it's cause she's a backup signer). And Joss is a big Battlestar nerd, and said The Sarah Chronicles was his "second favorite drama on television.". Dollhouse premieres Friday night.

Okay! Now leaving the Whedonverse. Here's a photo random for Sunday, starting with actual factual Watchmen Babies!

These kids rule all. Homemade outfits for the win. Median age: 15. The reps at DC liked their costumes so much they enlisted them to help hand out their Watchmen swag. I hope they invited them to the premiere or something. These kids are fandom personified.

A Zoey/Hunter team! Awesome. Great makeup on the hunter, and Zoey found a fantastic jacket (though she said she wasn't crazy bout the "clown sleeves"). Excellent pose here.

Have you ever heard of Mana energy potion? It's an energy drink for gamers that supposedly contains the power of two redbulls in one of those little bottles. Ee-yikes! This lady was giving up tiny shots of Mana (blue) and the new Health potion (red). They both taste like death, blue slightly less so than heath. But I suppose that's how you know it's working. And I did manage to prowl the con for seven hours on no food on Sunday, so maybe these shots were the only thing keeping me standing.

2-D stormtrooper made of cardboard! Now that's what I'm talking bout.

This Scorpion was really awesome. You could walk up and challange him, and he would fight you. Like, seriously. With flying kicks and stuff. I mean, these guys were pulling punches, but not by much. Hence the crowd. Some times the best events at these cons don't happen in panel rooms, they happen on the floor. It's a comic con miraicle.

Doc Horrible was a really popular costume, and why not? Here's a Captain Hammer/Doctor Horrible twosome.

Great costumes here. That burlap sack mask is damn effective.

And finally.....Sunday was kids day, and there were actually a whole lot of kids there, in adorable muscled out storebought costumes. But the coolest kid I saw all day was this little Spidey, who was practicing his crawling on Marvel's red carpet. That's some good crawlin, son!

See all these photos (and bonus pics) at the Geekanerd Flickr.

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