Sunday, February 08, 2009

Photos: New York Comic Con 2009 - Saturday

Day two at New York Comic Con, and the cosplayers were out in force. AHR took most of these, so I don't know the story behind all of them, but this scary Joker sneaking up on Dr. Horrible is probably my favorite pic of the day. There's many more after the jump, including a cameo appearance from AHR herself!
The lovable Shin Chan...

AHR UPDATE: It doesn't come up on this site very much, but I am a HUGE Shin Chan dub fan. But the award for biggest Shin Fan of the day goes to the boy who saw this Shin Chan costume from across the room and shouted, "OH MY GOD!" so loud that Degan could hear it on the other end of my cellphone conversation.

Hm... Spider-Man, obviously, but something is wrong. Marvel Zombie Spider-Man? He doesn't appear quite zombied enough for that... Maybe just "Beat Up Spidey?"

AHR Update: It's zombie Spidey! He said his costume was falling apart by the time I took it...but it looked good to me. You're missing the detail of the Yellow Eye contact lens..
Hushhhhhh. AHR UPDATE: I had to check with this guy to see if maybe he was supposed to be the invisible man. But nope, he's Hush, the best new character ever. Glad he's getting some love.
Batgirl and the Huntress taking some time out in the cafeteria.

How do so many people have such perfect Boba Fett costumes? Are there communities dedicated to the fabrication of these things? Can you order parts from a bounty hunter supply depot? I'm always impressed...

AHR and Degan passed this in a parking lot on the way out there. Degan made a joke about Imperial blockades that I would like to steal, but I respect the man too darn much. Also note this is an Ohio license plate, and the van looks like it may have encounted some dust storms along the way...hooray for fandom!

Beyond! What a great pose, he really knows how to work that costume.

"Oh my God he's eating them all!"

Kyle Rayner is grabbing some Doritos across the room with a giant green mousetrap.

Every stormtrooper has a mommy.

Batman's lady rogues are looking good.

Princess Peach kidnapping some poor child.

These are pretty awesome Pokemon costumes. I love the intepretive aspect, supercute hoodies and little claw toed slippers. I don't know my Pokemon like AHR, but if I think the one on the left is calle Charizard, and the one on the right is probably called Batsoise or something.

I'm digging Leela's new hairdo.

Geekanerd's own AHR lookin' sharp as Zoey from Left 4 Dead. You can't really see her awesome medpack in this pic...

She's grabbin' peelz...

and protecting con-goers from pesky hunters.

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