Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Apocalypse May Be Sooner Than We Thought... And It Doesn't Even Involve Zombies!

Apparently, according to some space nerds, the apocalypse may be looming ever closer... and it has nothing to do with Zombies! We here at Geekanerd are all about fear-mongering when it comes to the accursed undead (or the Watchmocalypse). But there is an even greater menace. The Sun itself. And not for the obvious reasons; primarily the danger it poses to our pale, geeky flesh. No. Apparently a massive solar storm is destined to inundate our planet with cosmic rays or something... and I don't think we'll come out the other side all stretchy or invisible. Instead it could shut down our entire power grid. So this wouldn't even be a cool apocalypse-just the agonizingly boring slow decay of civilization without any power. On the upside, if we time our apocalypses juuust right, this could come just in time to shut down our robot overlords as they attempt to rebel and enslave humanity.

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rachel said...

can you guys do a list on how to prepare for this? like... get a bike. make a garden. stock up on flishlights and batteries. hmm... what else