Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bergen Street Comics Opens In Brooklyn's Park Slope

We at Geekanerd have been so consumed with WATCHMOCOLYPSE that we missed an even more important event this Friday; the opening of a new comic shop in our very neighborhood! And not just any old comic shop, but one with leather seats, exposed brick, and original art on the walls. Rocketship may finally have some competition for all those Best Comic Store in Brooklyn awards.

I had a chance to speak to Tom Adams, the owner of the shop and "comic evangelist" who NY comic nerds may recognize from his previous job at Midtown Comics. He said the store will offer $20 back for every $100 you spend, they'll be doing Free Comic Book day in May and Dollar Comic Book Day in April, and they'll be having a grand opening party on March 13th. You can get updates on the store via Twitter, Facebook, a in-progress website.

More photos of this newly minted store, after the jump...

The new releases are at the back of the store...I picked up the new Buffy, but didn't have time to check for any of my favorite smaller titles. Next Wednesday will be the real test.

Come on, how many comic stores actually INVITE you to sit down and read the merch, much less in a nice leather chair? For those who don't want to zoom in, that's Scott Pilgrim #1 on display, coupled with the Annotated Pilgrim. Genuine class.

The pages on the wall are original inks of Brahm Revel's Guerrillas, which is currently being put out by Image Comics.

Here's Tom The Owner, racking up the Marvel Section. From the store's Twitter: "All day and night genre-racking our books = Heaven."

Hey, where's the storefront and awning? Well, I was so looking forward to reading my Buffy comic*...I kinda forgot to take a picture of the outside. But as of Saturday 3/7, the awning just said "COMICS" in big gold off-center letters, so presumably there's more to come.

*And it wasn't even a very good issue >:(


Lena said...

Stop hating on Buffy. It was very geeky, which I would think you would like. Jonathon is dead and has been for years. Time to get over it.

AHR said...


I dunno...I like Andrew, I liked the Season 7 episode where he feels bad for everything he did...but making him a Watcher? Giving him all that responsibility? COME ON. That's just too much. He needs to have done a lot more proving himself/repenting than what we've seen to earn that.

I did like their Daniel Craig conversation, though.

Bishop said...

Man that place looks great. It's like the most inviting comic book shop ever.

Degan said...

It looks just like Secret Headquarters in LA... which is the highest of compliments! Exciting!

Anonymous said...