Friday, May 01, 2009

Mr. Wonka! Just Punisher of Coddled Children

As much as I hate posting anything with a shelf date of more than 1 month, this was simply to good not to rave about. This amazing piece of design, this fictional's everything I love in visual form.

1. It's a Geek/Americana mashup (if you can consider 70s Penguin book covers Americana, and I do)
2. It's Engrish.
3. It's cute.
4. It works on many levels (this is not only the best scene in the movie, but it's a metaphor for the ENTIRE MOVIE, which I never realized till now. Omg.)

The time traveler responsible for this is Spacesick. He has tons more of the "I Can Read Movies" series on his webpage, and tons of just all around great design on his Flickr, like this:

This was a threadless t-shirt design but it lost! What the hell! People just don't get the wereburger joke.

1 comment:

Nerd Nards said...

Awesome shirt! I would wear that and I would eat at Baron Von Funburgers. I prefer my chicken nuggets to be poorly stitched together from lesser nuggets.