Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reuniting the Sunnydale Class of 1999

Can you believe it's been ten years since Buffy Summers and her wacky pals graduated high school? How old does that make you? Pretty old, probably.

Last night, Whedonites of all ages gathered at the Manhattan JCC to celebrate those magical high school years when Cordelia, Oz and Angel were series regulars, Buffy was not clinically depressed, Dawn still an inter-dimensional SuperKey and Willow was still crushing on boys. Okay so maybe I personally am actually a bigger fan of the later seasons (and possibly for those same reasons?!?), but still. Faith!

The free event was put together by the folks who gave us that beloved geek institution The Buffy Sing Along, a fully-interactive screening of Once More With Feeling (that's the Buffy Musical Episode for you dilettantes). The Buffy Sing Along was of course tragically shut down in 2007 by the same suited geniuses at Fox who killed Firefly and Dollhouse.

That said, the event-planners at the reunion put together a delciously nerdy evening, complete with Buffy AMVs, a trivia contest (won appropriately by a group called The Firsts), and A SUPER SECRET MAIN EVENT which I totally cannot blog about because they asked us not to, for reasons which may be clear from this very post!

The whole extravaganza will be repeated on June 2nd at Brooklyn hipster-nerd magnet Galapagos, but this time with BOOZE! That's right, it's the Sunnydale Reunion: BRONZE EDITION. Buy your ticket now, and be sure to wear your best 90s gear and/or Vampire outfit. That means a leather jacket.

More scans from the "Class of 99: Where Are They Now?" after the's so full of Buffy Season 8 in-jokes your brain might explode. From insiderness.


Lena said...

No pictures from the event!?!?!??!?!?!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on being famous on ebaumsworld.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god they're commenting ridiculous things.

AHR said...

I can't post pictures of the best part, so what's the point?

You need to come to the Galapagos one. That's all I'm saying. And it's going to sell out: