Friday, June 05, 2009

Beatles Rock Band Trailer AND Intro!

After the E3 expo earlier this week, these 2 gems popped up on the tubes... no I'm not talking about the rumors of a new Wii Zelda game... or the New Orleans Left4Dead trailer... or the Nintendo "Vitality Sensor" (?!?). NO. I'm talking about the Beatles Rock Band trailer and game intro! Above is the insanely beautiful intro video for the upcoming game. Though I love the intros to both Rock Bands, I'm glad Harmonix opted to go for this beautiful mixed animation style rather than their 3d modeled players. If you want to see some gameplay footage, check out the trailer below!

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AHR said...

That intro made me cry, it was so beautiful. I love the little penguins thing dancing to I Am The Walrus. I hope this endears lil kids to The Beatles in the same way gamer kids are now into like, Foreigner and Boston and crap because of Rock Band.