Monday, June 01, 2009

Photos: The Zombies of Summer

It's summer in New York, and that means one thing: zombie invasion! But don't let that stop you from doing all the fun summer things you love....

Kick it with your BFFs! Woo! SCHOOL'S OUT! Let's eat some BRAINS you guys!

(to the tune of that Supergrass song from Clueless)

we are YOUNG
we eat BRAINS
we're unDEAD
we're inSANE
eat our FRIENDS
in the NIGHT

Best friends forever! Literally!

Frisbee! Remember guys, use your pointer finger as a guide for where you want the Frisbee to go...ah, they'll get the hang of it!

More of this joke after the jump....

Rollerblading! Be sure to wear appropriate helmet and pads, though if you're already dead do whatever the hell you want.

Or just people-watch in the park! New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world, you're such to see plenty of interesting people who may or may not want to eat your brains.

More pictures on Geekanerd's Flickr, or check out BackSeatConceptions (the NYC Zombie Crawl Organizers).

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