Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fake Campaign Shirts 09

I'm still making my way through Battlestar Galactica for first time, because I refuse to watch good TV shows until everyone else in the world is already over them. Some of the election episodes got me itching for a good "Baltar/Zarich 01" shirt (01 of course referring to the calendar restart following the earth getting blowns up...that's how it works, right?) I couldn't really find what I wanted, except for this officially licensed merch by the Sci-Fi Channel, which you can't even get anymore.

Disappointing, yes, but it did lead me on a quest to find other awesome fake campaign shirts. Because nothing says "I Refuse to Draw A Line Between Fantasy and Reality" like wearing a campaign shirt for a candidate in an election that takes place in a made up fantasy land.

This is probably the greatest shirt ever. You don't need to read the rest of the post, cause it's all downhill from here. You don't even need to be a fan of Futurama to enjoy this shirt; anyone can enjoy the horrific comedy inherent in the idea of a Mecha Nixon running for public office.

More less good shirts after the jump...

This is a dumb cheesey font and unimaginative design. I think Zaphod would have his campaign team go a lot, A LOT, flashier. You should have to plug this shirt in. There's so much potential. It's a good thing D. Adams is already dead, because seeing this shirt would kill him. Someone please make a better one.

Sometimes a show does all the work for you in designing the campaign iconography; in the 3rd Season of the Wire, we saw this plain and simple campaign logo all over the place, but it took a weirdly long time for someone to make a decent shirt out of it.

You'd think there'd be like a million awesome Harvey Dent shirts online, right? Nope! The official viral campaign shirts are lame and no one has made any cool ones. This Obama knockoff is the best the internet has to offer. Sad sad state of affairs. Get it, state? State official, election, district attorney....eeheh. I guess there's no need for re-election campaign materials anyway, because one party with Bruce's friends and he'll never need another cent! Also he's dead.


Degan said...

I've always been particularly partial to fake election parafanalia... (i was particularly fond of the Roslin/Airlock '08 bumper stickers) I've been meaning to buy myself a carcetti shirt for years now... speaking of, it didn't take long for that shirt to pop up at all... i started seeing those before the season even finished

AHR said...

yes but they weren't as nice.

Here's one of the more imaginative Roslin/Airlock shirts:

I think it falls short of being great because of the crazy constellation logo. "Sensible Solutions For Desperate Times" is a "killer" slogan, though.

They kind of tip their hand with the airlock meme in the third season when Roslin is like "If I want to throw a baby out an airlock I'll let you know".

Lena said...

I totally have that Carcetti for Mayor shirt.

People comment on it more in Oakland than NYC.