Thursday, February 01, 2007

We Are Geekanerd

Geekanerd is a blog for geeks and nerds.

We cover the spectrum of geek and nerd culture. This is a culture rooted in fandom, and the articles on Geekanerd offer a fan's take on comics, movies, and video games. We also strive to bring our audiance news and views on other subjects of interest to nerds, such as graphic design, unusual sporting events, and the latest (and weirdest) scientific breakthroughs.

In short, we cover anything you can geek out about.

Geekanerd HQ is located in New York City, allowing our staff to provide first-hand multimedia coverage of New York's hottest geek culture events. Our Weekanerd NYC calendar provides daily event listings tailored to the interests of the discerning New York nerd.

Our articles have been featured on and Sony Playstation's official blog. Geekanerd was featured as Site of the Week on AMC Television's Sci Fi Scanner blog. As geek culture grows within mainstream American culture, so does our readership.

Editors and Co-Founders:

AHR- Ana Hurka-Robles
Albo - Albert Thrower


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