Friday, June 01, 2007

Geekanerd Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for For the purposes of this policy, "the site" refers to any page on and the site's advertising partners may collect certain data about the site's users (to be detailed below), we do not rent or sell personally identifying data to anybody. What data we do collect may be used in the aggregate to convince advertisers to buy space on this site, and data about a Web browser’s history may be used to determine what ads you see, but individually identifying data is never used.

The actual information the site collects falls into two categories: data that you send passively merely by visiting the site, and data that you send actively when you choose to use the site’s interactive features.


When you visit any page in the domain, certain information about you is recorded by and for the use of's site owners. This information includes your IP address, and some information about your computer itself, such as the browser and operating system you’re using, the city your server is located in, your screen resolution, and the page that led you to the site.

When you visit any page in the domain, the site, and possibly our advertising partners, will send a cookie to your browser. A cookie is a small piece of information that your browser stores in memory; it helps identify you as a repeat visitor when you return. uses this information to determine the number of repeat visitors we have. If you would prefer not to receive this cookie, all major Web browsers can be set to not accept them; see your browser documentation for more details.

Some advertisers may also use Web beacons — small, invisible graphics loaded by your browser — to follow your browsing history as you navigate through my and other sites. This navigation history may be used to choose and tailor the ads you will see, in the hopes that they will be more relevant to you. Both the beacons and the cookies only track information about your browser and browsing, and not you personally; specifically, neither can nor will collect your name, address, email address or telephone number.


When you post a comment on the site, you can, if you so choose, also supply your Blogger ID, a name, or a URL when you post a comment. Whatever name and URL you choose, and, of course, the content of your comment itself, immediately become public, and will be indexed by Google and other search engines and remain on the public Internet indefinitely.

If you choose to contact the site owners at, ahr@geekanerdblogcom,, or, the owners of may use your e-mail address to contact you directly about questions, suggestions, or administrative issues. We will never share your email address with advertisers or any third party sources.