Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wiimbledon Big Media Blitz

Here's ABC's coverage of the super-fun Wiimbledon event at Barcade. The scene in the bar was a little tense, as a bunch of young new media (us, Heavy.com, Rocketboom, etc.) bumped up against old wrinkly media (ABC). The lead reporter from ABC came across like an out of touch ass, and this segment with its zooming in on B Button's Belly really sets his assdom in stone. Seriously, what's the point?

I should say, the PA from ABC was a nice guy. The camera guy might've been too, I'm sure he was just following the orders of Captain Asshat.

The MTV guys were nice fellas, as well.


Jane said...

yeah that belly zoom sucks. but who can complain, when the last shot is a completely gratuitous geekanerd plug?

Jane said...

o wait I guess you guys did that? bloggers.

Albo said...

Heh. Bloggers indeed.