Friday, June 08, 2007

Panel Discussion: Avengers: The Initiative #2

The Initiative series is the only really good thing to come out of that whole Civil War rigamarole. But it's A-VERY GOOD. Who knew oppressive millitary training camps could be so much fun! Registration is a ball!

At least for readers. It's a bit of an angst-party for the kids actually involved in the Initiative Program. Think Teen Titans meets Full Metal Jacket. All three issues so far have been superbia. Great fights, cool new powers and characters, and drama galore.



Hardball is a tool, but he sure can pull some great takes. I don't think I've ever seen "Gahh!" so clearly written on a person's face. Also some advanced eyebrow/upper lip action going on below.

I'll tell you "what has happened" to that poor girl, lady. You got her all distracted with your crazy sexy eastern bloc talk, to say nothing of that wandering is anyone supposed to remain standing, let alone operate firearms, under that kind of pressure?!

I wonder what these kids think of their Old-Navy Tee looking costumes. Does Trauma realize whoever designed his Frowny Face icon is openly making fun of him?

Also - the guy below looks like one of the clowns from Akira. What's his power - getting run over by a motorcycle? Hah.

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