Friday, June 15, 2007

Ratatouille: Advanced Screenings This Saturday!

UPDATE: The 6/15/07 screening has come and gone, but you can still use the links below to try and find other advanced screenings near you...or you can read Geekanerd's REVIEW on the movie, which opens nationwide on 6/29/07.

Original Post follows:

Time for Pixar to redeem itself! Doing a complete cultural 180 from their last movie about a talking NASCAR, their latest "stab" at getting back the ol' magic is a cartoon about haute french cuisine! Fake it till you make it, lads!

Truth be told, I don't have very high hopes from the trailers, but Pixar has a history of horrible trailers for not so horrible movies. So we'll see. I do like rats.

The movie comes out for real on the 25th, but there are 800 advanced screenings around the country on Saturday, June 15th. Oh shizz, that's tomorrow! If you're based in NYC like the Geekanerd Crew, you can buy tickets on Fandango at the following address:

As of this writing, tickets are available for all four NYC screenings! C'mon animation nerds, turn off the lightbox and get it together!

If you're part of that mass of people I've heard about who DON'T live in New York, you can search your zip code on Fandango or Moviephone for showtimes near you (I find Moviephone to have an easier search engine, but Fandango has some screenings Moviephone doesn't).


gregory said...

aren't we excited about a new Brad Bird film? He hasn't let me down yet. Iron Giant, The Incredibles... and now a movie about a rat who is different from his family in that he has taste... literally. That's terrific. I will try to make the advanced screening.

AHR said...

I know I make some friends into enemies with this statement, but I am not very big Brad Bird fan. While I enjoy Iron Giant and The Incredibles, I have some big problems with them too. One is that I tend to feel that the villians are really badly defined, and I NEED my cartoons to have good villians.

I agree that it sounds like Ratatouille has a great message. It's also gutsy to paint French high culture in a positive light only a few years after Freedom Fries. But the trailers don't make me laugh, the voices are uninteresting (sorry Patton) and I hate the rat's character design. But we shall see - expect a review on Sunday.

Jane said...

ratatouille is about a rat who dreams of being a world class chef. but, because he is a rat, he gets kicked out of the kitchen! because he's a rat! ahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahha