Friday, June 15, 2007

The Dark Knight Returns...With A New Outfit!

First reaction:

(in cockney accent)
It's all a bit Tron, innit?

This being the internet, I'll go over what I don't like first:

What is the point of this ultra-segmented body armor? Batman's costume is supposed to look like a horrifying supernatural demon to bad guys - you're not supposed to see the nuts and bolts of the thing. I know they want this stuff high-tech and realistic, but this just looks like robo-cop.

Giving the cowl more mobility sounds great, although I wonder if it will be strange not to see movie-Batman pivot his entire body when he wants to look at something? Now that I think about it, that's a big part of his on-screen persona. Pivoting.

Now the good:
I know I just said I didn't like the segmented armor, but that shoulder plate is badass - putting the Knight back in the Dark Knight!

I'm intrigued by the implied extra-functionality of the cape. We know from the last movie that its "memory fiber" fabric allows it to act as a hang-glider, and it was fire-proof in Batman Forever, so what else? Is it a magic carpet? I HAVE TO KNOW!

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