Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buncha Guitar Hero 3 Stuff

So there's a buncha new deets on the next Guitar Hero game. First off we have the official trailer, which reveals some songs we can expect and also (unless I'm the only one that didn't know this) that the third Guitar Hero will have the subtitle "Legends of Rock." I suppose this makes sense because you can play as Slash, but I have to wonder if more real life guitarists are in the wings waiting to be revealed. It does say "LegendS", after all. I call Clapton. I can assume AHR has dibs on Santana.

Hit the jump for some pics of the new guitar and a video of the updated multiplayer face-off.

Gaming Age has pics of all the guitars, but I'm just gonna post the Wii one because a) I'm a Nintendo slut, and 2) It's the only one that has any sort of newsworthy modification.

That's right, like many suspected, the Wiimote will fit snugly into the body of the guitar. Hopefully they'll use this for some cool Wii features, like 1:1 guitar mapping ala the pre-swing baseball bat in Wii Sports. It doesn't seem to me like that would be too tough to implement, and it would definitely encourage some righteous shredding action.

Now the real question is... In the face of Rock Band, is anyone really pumped about this game? Harmonix is off the franchise, and it's already clear Activision has made some dubious decisions in their absence, like the addition of annoying power-ups to an already solid multiplayer mode:

I'm sure you will be able to turn some of this off, but doesn't its mere existence speak to a disconnect between Activision's vision (...) and what gamers want? Or is it just me that would prefer to play the damn song without worrying about my board shaking and my buttons not working and all that other jazz? Regardless, the game is coming. And I'll play it. Because I love me some GH.

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