Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mouseguard 1152: Who's Gonna Die?!

Yesterday we posted a link to IGN's preview of Mouse Guard 2: Winter 1152 #1. IGN's write-up includes the cryptic phrase, "It's a winter not every Guard may survive." This would coincide with something author David Petersen told me way back in March, during the New York Comic Con - "I can't promise everyone's gonna survive this time." Eek! He wouldn't really kill one of our three heroes, would he? Surely it will be Sadie, the girl-mouse who the IGN preview indicates will become a more important player in the second series. Important enough....to die?

*cold wind blows*

But I don't want Sadie to die either, as she's the strongest and coolest of the two female characters in the book. Let's hope Winter 1152 doesn't yield another case of women-mice in refrigerators.

In other David Petersen news, fans should check out his new blog where he posts tons of never-before-seen original artwork, both from Mouse Guard and his personal collection, such as this awesome Han and Chewie watercolor.

Finally, after the jump, check out the super-short video interview I did with David Petersen where he drops the aforementioned death-quote, plus a few other tidbits of info on the second series of Mouse Guard.

The Mouse Guard segment starts at 1:19...the interview was part of the late great Pulp Secret Report.

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