Monday, July 02, 2007

New Movie Posters, Including IRON MAN!

Solace In Cinema has a story up via FilmIck via FilmFocus with a bunch of new posters for the major studio's upcoming releases...including IRON MAN!




Sorry. A couple more notable posters after the jump. Solace In Cinema (who very classily focuses on the cool Beowulf poster) is Geekanerd's newest best friend, because they linked to our extensive Rorschach's Journal coverage, noting, "this is why I love nerds." Thanks! (then, in Cartman voice...) 'EY!

Oish....I hate to say it even more than I hate to state the obvious, but this looks like a bomb. I love Neil Gaiman, so I hope this movie surprises everyone and is really good and successful. The Eragon-looking ad campaign is not going to help though.

Somehow, Dr. Seuss movies have become cinematic Herald of Doom that signals the downturn of a top-tier comedian's career...first we lost Jim Carrey to that Grinch nonsense, then poor Mike Myers was eaten alive by the Cat in the Hat, and now Steve Carell is descending even further into the depths of Hades, now that Evan Almighty has tanked.

To be fair: At least this is animated, so Steve and Jim (oh Jim, please come back) don't have to go through the humiliation of acting through eight inches of make-up and fur.


Albo said...

Did they actually build any Iron Man suits for this movie or are they all CG? I haven't seen a single shot where that sumbitch looks real.

Albo said...

I guess my question has been answered by the new video.

Brice said...

Wow, a CG Horton looks pretty terrible. Part of the charm of Suess' stuff is the specific style he had. CG is almost totally going to change that, regardless of how well they try and replicate it. Also the writing will probably suck a dick.