Monday, July 02, 2007

Sam and Max: Reprints and DVD Releases?!? Have All My Dreams Come True?!

Sam and Max: Surfin' The Highway was the first trade paperback I ever bought, and remains one of my all-time favorite comic books. It's the funniest comic I've ever read, hands down. My old copy has practically disintegrated from constant re-reading, and new copies have been unavailable for years. UNTIL NOW. Almost now - the book is gong back to print, check out the full story on the PWBeat:

THE BEAT: Sam and Max Back to Print!

And that's not all: this second bit of news should probably still be considered a rumor, but a rep from the Shout! Factory production house has stated (via message board) that a DVD BOX SET of the Sam and Max: Freelance Police animated series is in the works. I was a HUGE fan of this series, and a complete DVD set including lost and censored episodes would rank high on my list of reasons life is worth living.

TV Shows On DVD summarizes the message board thread, with links:

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