Friday, July 20, 2007

Panel Discussion:
The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Comic Panels of the Week

SPOILER ALERT: Some panels contain plot points...those who haven't read their books this week should beware.

BEST ACTOR AWARD: Inertia, All Flash #1

Racked terror as Wally West brings the hammer down for the death of Bart Allen, Inertia displays a fantastic range of fear-crazed expressions.

That tornado is a'comin for YOU, clone'd better sweat-drop!

It's hard to turn a characters mouth completely down and not have it look silly; it really works here...

Knowing he's dead meat, Inertia decides to go out with a villainous classic; the Kamikaze Crazy Grin!
But he can't hold it; upon learning of his fate, he hits the audience with this perfect facial rendering of abject terror. Sweet.

More of this weeks most notable panels after the jump.

MOST UNDIGNIFIED DEATH: Captain America # 28

All of these guards are doomed, but at least some go out on a relatively high note by being kicked in the face by a sexy redhead. The poor shmoe in this panel is killed by getting his head squeezed up against the junk of a gross dude dressed like a lizard.

FAMILIAR FACES ALERT: Avengers: The Initiative #4

I'm not so sure about some of these new 50-State Initiative teams...this line-up features Michelangelo, an Akira Clown, Gollum, and...I don't know what that thing is, but it really calls into question the existence of God.

The Order #1


Okay, fine, here's the context: This girl is simply reacting with embarrassment upon realizing she may have accidentally offended a guy in a wheelchair. But as they say on Scans Daily, context is for the weak.


Mr. Fantastic get whomped so hard by the Hulk in this issue that his elastic body explodes like a bungee cord grenade.

BEST USE OF COLOR: The Programme #1The book uses some fun color tricks throughout the book, but this is one of the clearest examples. The therapist is thrown of balance by the confession of his patient that he was "only" able to make love three times in one night recently. The whole scene is in blues with the exception of the therapist's wife's smiling face and the pencil in his hand which he will snap a few panels later.

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Degan said...

Eeee... can't wait to pick up that Flash! Dying to see some old fashioned justice laid down on those bastards who killed my favorite character... also i may have to pick up that Order book for that panel alone. Thanks!

john said...

you're weird

Anonymous said...



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