Thursday, July 19, 2007


Okay, Potter-Heads, or Potties, or Wizard People, or Muggles, or whatever you devotees of J.K Rowling call yourself, this is a special edition of Weekanerd just for you!! Why? Because....


The end of days! The final reckoning of The Boy Who Lived! The last Harry Potter book only gets released once, so forget about sleeping and make the most of this weekend! Catch a full rundown of the Potteriest places to be after the jump.


The massive Union Square location in New York hosts the biggest of these Banres & Noble Potter Parties, kicking off at 5pm. The "Enchanting Activities" will include giveaways, magic tricks, tons of people in costume, a live Owl emporium, Jim Dale (the narrator of the HP audiobooks), and utter fan-crazed chaos!
For grownups, eh? We all know what that means - BOOZE! This looks like the place to be for over-21 Potter Fans, as this jam will include a DJ "spinning magical dance music", projections of the movies, a special appearance of the Knight Bus, and of course "Magic Punch", which is said to include alcohol and other "Magical Ingridients" (ecstacy?). The only hitch is if you actually want to buy the book, you'll need to have a pre-purchased (212) 274-1160 to get one, or click the title link above.
  • Harry Potter Place
  • 5pm @ Scholastic Headquarters, Mercer St. btwn Prince and Spring, Manhattan.
This is a big one. Lots of big-budget attractions, including a 20-foot Whomping Willow, the Knight Bus (again?), a Countdown Clock that will tick down to the 12:01am release, and the first author-signed U.S edition of The Deathly Hallows. Plus a TON of other stuff - it's kind of ridiculous. But still, no booze. Check the title link for more info.
Borders, the neglected kid-brother of Barnes and Noble, is throwing their own HP Bash, and the event list looks pretty sweet. We've got a Potter Spelling Bee, the Great Snape Debate (is he or isn't he?), a crowning of the King and Queen of the ball, and the requisite ton of prizes.

Billed as an event for "Children of All Ages", which means if you show up without a kid, you should at least be wearing a pointy hat. Free pizza, soda, games, and plenty of folks to talk to about the book, which you bought at midnight for and stayed up all night to read.
Get your copy signed by series' long time illustrator - just make sure you bring cash to buy a copy of The Deathly Hallows at the store, although you can also bring one from home to get signed as well.

  • Day of Rest
  • Your apartment
Recover from your wild wizard weekend with a good book.

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