Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So Hot Right Now: Artist Karl Kerschl

A few weeks ago, you may recall I just about melted into a puddle over artist Karl Kerschl's pages in All Flash #1. Well, happy days are here again, cause get a load of this gorgeous cover for the first ish of the upcoming Teen Titans: Year One miniseries. They look great! They actually have the bodies of young teens, awkwardness included. Love it.

Karl is part of the Horhaus illustration studio; he blogs regularly and posts sketches on their official site, Horhaus.com. Many of these aforementioned sketches are of pretty ladies. And in more recent news, Karl was at the San Diego Comic Con and met Pikachu! Man, he's a great artist AND confidant to the stars?! Some guys have all the luck.

Image via Newsarama
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