Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Free NYC Rap

If you haven't heard (or don't live in New York with a camera and therefore don't care which you should anyway because a lot of that internet media you love so much will be affected), Mayor Bloomberg is putting some new rules into effect to limit filming on public property. The new rules call for a permit and $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance "for groups of two or more taking pictures or shooting video in one area for more than 30 minutes, or groups of five or more with a tripod in one place for more than ten minutes." Argh! Whether it will be enforced or not is the question, but if they're going through the trouble of enacting it I imagine they'll care enough to crack some wannabee filmmaker skulls. There's a lot more info at, and The Man is inviting citizen feedback until August 3 (soon!), so send an e-mail to Julianne Cho to let her know why this sucks!

Now, a protest movie by Olde English:

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Sb, ex-filmstudent said...

When I read about this in AM NY, my skin crawled.