Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Star Wars: A New Hope as Performed by Two Geeks and Some Toys

This video is the latest release from Can Of Nothing Productions. The ratio of annoying to entertaining sometimes threatens to cross into the danger zone, but the frequent pitch-perfect line readings and imaginative use of props really won me over.

Those with a low tolerence for shakey-cam and offstage giggles may wish to cut to the chase at 8:23.

As Degan pointed out, the vid also becomes a sort of anthropological look into the average American kid's toy collection. And by kid, I mean college student. These guys are at least 19.

If you're into this kind of low-fi mayhem humor (I know I am), you'll want to check out their similarly ad-libbed, illustrated version of The Lion King. Or just visit their website at - I recommend the second episode of the original animated series, Subcultured. Featuring a guest appearance by Stan Lee!


Scott said...

Ohh. I could only take about 1/3 of that before I realized I had better things to do.

Although the giggles and the use of the Turtle's van was an interesting idea.

Great White Snark said...

The verdict is in: Annoying.

There's too much clever fan-produced Star Wars stuff out there to give this a second look. I barely got through my first look.

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