Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Spore Trailer Doesn't Blow Minds as Much as It Should

My favorite game that seems like it'll never come out has a new trailer to tease me with. If you're aren't in the know, Spore is a game by Will Wright (the fella behind Sim City, The Sims, yadda yadda) which has you starting as a single-celled organism and evolving all the way to a planet-hopping super race. Along the way you are in complete control of how your creature develops and what sort of architecture and vehicles your society creates. Oh, and once you design spaceships and visit other planets (and take them over or befriend them or DESTROY THEM) they will be populated by creatures and societies that other players of Spore have created (it uploads your game data to some central server automatically). Pretty wild, yeah? My description doesn't do it near enough justice, and neither does this trailer.

For an in-depth glimpse of why Spore will blow your mind, hit the jump and prepare to be awed.


Spore_Aug07_Build said...

Bitches lookin at me like my shit ain't procedurally generated

Bishop said...

You win 10 points of internet for that comment sir.

Anonymous said...



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