Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Play Wii Tennis for a Lexus!

Now I don't know if you're aware, but I'm something of a Wii Tennis demi-champ, which is why I'm very sad the Lexus Virtual Open is going down while I'm out of town. The winner of this three day tournament will walk away with a one-year lease on a Lexus and Luxury Suite tickets for the US Open finals. I'm not sure if the one-year lease is that great of a win (gas is expensive, parking in NYC is expensive, you don't need a car in NYC, you don't own the car so you can't sell it, etc etc) but it's still worth a shot for anybody that is any good at all in Wii Tennis.

Read the full statement from Lexus after the jump.

Lexus brings Virtual Open to Rockefeller Center New Yorkers can participate in ultimate tennis experience for chance to win a one-year lease on a new Lexus IS F NEW YORK --As the world's professional tennis players vie for greatness at the US Open, New Yorkers will have the opportunity to share the experience at the Lexus Virtual Open at Rockefeller Center during the second week of the tournament. Participants can compete on a scaled down version of a tennis court for the chance to win a one-year lease on a new Lexus IS F and tickets to the US Open finals.

Tennis and gaming enthusiasts will take to the virtual courts at Rockefeller Center, in the heart of New York City, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sept. 4-6. Professional tennis player and ESPN on-court analyst Luke Jensen will instruct participants and provide commentary as they compete on Nintendo's Wii console. For each serve hit during the virtual tournament, Lexus will donate $1 to the Andy Roddick Foundation (up to $30,000).

"As a sponsor of the US Open we created this event to bring the excitement of Flushing Meadows to Manhattan," said Steve Jett, Lexus national marketing communications manager. "There's nothing like the thrill of competing in the US Open, and while tennis enthusiasts may never experience the roar of the crowd and feel the courts beneath their feet, the Lexus Virtual Open at Rockefeller Center gives them the opportunity to get a taste of it--and win a one-year lease on a new IS F performance sedan, the same vehicle Lexus is awarding to the Men's Singles Champion."

The top two scorers will compete on Sept. 6 for the chance to win the grand prize, a one- year lease on a Lexus IS F and two tickets to watch the US Open finals in the Lexus Luxury Suite on Sunday, Sept. 9. The runner up will receive two tickets to watch the US Open semi-finals on Sept. 8 in the Lexus Luxury Suite.
The event is open to the public. For more information about the Lexus Virtual Open at Rockefeller Center, participants can log on to

Via Kotaku.


AHR said...

ALBO! Are you fucking KIDDING ME? You're going to pass up chance to win a sweet Sedan to cart around the Geekanerd crew (me, I'm talking about me!) because you're going to be "out of town"?? You know what, it's not even a chance to win - it's a LOCK. It's like, here Albo, do this thing that we know no one in New York can do better than you, and we'll give you a free car!

Unless Luigi shows up again. But surely you've cracked the secrets of his unsual playing style since Wiimbledon...

Degan said...

I'm with AHR on this one... this is a supreme betrayal. When GaN needs you most, you're backing out... what would bill pullman from Independence Day think about that?!? Don't let him down! Or me! Especially me!

SARAH said...

I really wanted to go to the US Open this year.

Albo said...

Well you better start practicing your Wii Tennis game, Sarah.

Degan said...

wow, not only does he desert us... he then teases us as well. Wotta jerk.

Bishop said...

Man don't you know that the ladies love the Lexi?

Johnny said...

Man, it would be so cool if you won that and we all went on a crazy road trip for a year.

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