Friday, August 03, 2007

Panel Discussion: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Comic Book Panels of the Week

Best Way of Illustrating the Passage Of Time: Welcome To Tranquility, #11
The Coyote Kid lives as long as he hates the monsters that killed his family, and this hilarious panel illustrates the kind of beasts he's run afoul of every two decades or so. Werewolf Gangsters in the 20s, Nazi Vampires in the 40s, Hippie Swamp Thing in the 60s, and worst of all, the dreaded 80's Guy. "HERE'S MY CARD...WE'LL DO LUNCH."

Mixing Bid'ness With Pleasure Alert: Countdown #39
Hmm, what's with that expensive-looking redhead in the foreground? Could it be Kate Kane, AKA The Batwoman, who appears moments later outside the Iceberg Lounge with her partner (in crime fighting), Renee "The Question" Montoya? Ladies, you two are both new at the alter-ego thing, I know, but when staking-out a restaurant, try to resist the temptation to dine together in that restaurant. To their credit, though, neither appears to have actually touched their wine (good for you, ex-alcoholic Renee!).

Best Visual Framing Device: Metal Men #1
While still maintaining the the classic Dave Gibbonesque 3x3 panel scheme, Duncan Rouleau allows the action within the panels to spill out across the page, while tying whole thing together with a cool, retro-futuristic gear-motif. Click to savor the page in detail.

Most Reassuring Sign that Hulk Won't Kill Us All: Ant-Man #11
This conversation takes place weeks after World War Hulk and confirms that not EVERYONE dies at the Hulk's hands. Double spoiler: Iron Man shows up later in the ish!

Most Embarrassing Confession: Tony Stark in Illuminati #4

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